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Are you suffering from wedding dress FOMO?

So many dresses to choose from... how do you know which one is THE one?


Most brides who walk through the door of their first dress shopping appointment share one thing in common: a fear that I like to call the, 'what else is out there,' fear. It's easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of a million options and only a few months, to a year, to explore them all. If you are newly engaged and feel the need to see all that the bridal world has to offer before saying yes to your dress, you are NOT alone. Still, some brides seem to hit the jackpot on appointment number 1, and with confidence! ....But how? How do you know a dress is the one if you haven't seen them ALL?

For brides with this internal monologue of self-doubt and uncertainty, I like to remind them of one simple fact:

You're engaged! You're already a pro at commitment!


You might think this seems too simple at first, but lets apply the same logic to a scenario much more familiar:

Imagine waking up on the very first day of your single life and meeting your now-fiance. I bet all of you would rejoice in a resounding HOORAY of relief at the thought of meeting your soulmate on day one, instead of having to date 101 not-so-dream guys to get there.

So why is it that when it comes to your dream dress, most brides feel hesitant to rejoice in the resounding YES of finding the one on day one? Why is there an underlying urge to go on 101 awful blind dress dates before meeting your perfect gown match? After all, I think we would all agree that it would sound a little silly to say, "I need to meet every man on planet earth to know for certain that my fiance is the one for me."

So that brings me to this simple vote of confidence to the brides who think there may be something else out there:

Trust your taste, & go with your gut. You know what you love, and that could very well be the first dress you ever try on! Remember: if you truly love the dress you pick out, no new dress that comes along could ever make you love it any less.

Now get out there and shop with your best, most confident foot forward. After all, thats the same self-assured foot that is ready to walk you down the aisle!

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