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What is a Private Label?

Always wondered what it means when a store says a gown is part of their 'private collection'? Well check out this quick & easy rundown of all the ins and outs, as well as a look into the Ever & Ever private collection newest arrivals!

So... what is a 'private label'?

A private label typically refers to gowns that are not readily offered by any designers that you can find floating around in the mainstream. Stores that carry private labels are able to hand-select gowns that are exclusive to their stores, and curate their collections specifically to fit their brides. This means that as a bride you have the ability to purchase a gown that is beautifully rare and fit to your unique vision.

Does Ever After have a private collection/what can I expect from it?

Yes! At Ever After we are proud to have our very own private label, Ever & Ever, which is full of stunning gowns that we are thrilled to be able to offer our brides. What makes our collection so special is that not only can we offer these one of a kind pieces, but there are many benefits we are excited to share that come along with them. Our entire collection sits at a very reasonable price point of $1100-$2000, for which we are able to cater to all types of budget ranges. Additionally, many of these gowns are customizable! From details such as adding or removing lace, tulle, straps, sleeves, etc., to changing colors, linings, and lengths, there are endless options for brides to be able to make their dress their very own. Rounding out the array of benefits, because we hand select these gowns aside from our major designers, we are able to offer a quicker ship date on most of them to further accommodate the bride who may be in need of a faster turnaround time! (Feel free to see our previous blog post on the introduction of our Ever & Ever collection for more details).

What are some of the gowns I can expect to see in store?

Take a look below to see some of our newest Ever & Ever additions, and if you love them, don't forget to save/screenshot them for your next bridal appointment!

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