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Don't Stress the YES!

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of determining which dress is the ONE? Check out this helpful batch of tips on how to trust your gut & feel confident in your decision-making skills!

Helpful Tip #1: Try not to pre-label yourself as 'indecisive'

One thing we tend to hear from brides quite often is the phrase, "I'm just so indecisive." We understand that the thought of dwindling a host of options down to just one dress can be nerve-racking, but most brides will typically say this before they even get in their first dress! Think about it: how do you know you're truly indecisive before you even give yourself the chance the physically explore your options? Your past does not dictate your future! Once you allow yourself to take a deep breath and let the process play itself out, you may just find that 'the one' jumps right out at you. Give yourself more credit to trust your own likes, feelings, and visions. We believe in you! After all, you have already made the the decision on who to spend the rest of your life with, so this should be a piece of cake in comparison!

Helpful Tip #2: Remember your experience is unique to you

We all love our friends and family for how they can share their wisdom with us through their own experiences. Where this can be harmful, however, is when we let the stories and experiences of others dictate how we believe our own story will play out. Most of the time our loved ones are only trying to help prevent us from making the same mistakes that they may have made, or to advise us to carefully assess our choices before jumping in head first. When hearing these anecdotes, be sure to keep in mind that although your friend or family member may have had one very specific journey of finding their dress, that may not be the same journey that you go through. Every bride is unique, which means no two stories are alike. Take advice from others with a grain of salt, and try to see your journey as one with no pre-existing obstacles!

Helpful Tip #3: Beware of the dreaded 'analysis paralysis'

Believe it or not, it is true that even with all the beautiful dresses in the bridal world, too much of a good thing can still exist. With all of the options out there, it is tempting to fall into the trap of wanting to try as many as you can before making a final decision. Although this seems logical in most other types of shopping, it might not be the best way to approach this particular special life moment. It is likely that this is a much more emotional type of purchase than anything you have ever made. (Yes ladies, this includes prom). Finding 'the one' should be more about a feeling and less about a stressful, heavily-weighted decision. We see a lot of brides get caught up in weighing pros and cons, and in doing so, they lose the magic of the experience itself. There are countless beautiful dresses out there, but it only takes one to make YOU feel your best. When you get that feeling, run with it! Try not to second guess your moment because, the truth is, you may not be able to recreate it.

Helpful Tip #4: Put on your social media blinders

Social media has quickly over the years become a fabulous way for brides to discover designers and styles, as well as a great resource to piece together their bridal visions. In preparation for the very first bridal appointment, we always urge brides to take advantage of what is out there and to soak up as much information as they can. Social media can and does have its drawbacks, however. Where some brides experience struggle is when they continue to browse social media after they find what they already know is the dress for them. Tempting as it may be, try your very best to refrain from browsing after finding the one. Instead, help ease your mind by looking back at pictures from the special day of finding your dress, to remind yourself of how much you fell in love with it in the first place. Also remember that dresses can often look different online than they do in person, whereas you already found one that you KNOW you love on yourself. Take pride in your choice, and be confident in knowing that no other dress can take away the feeling you have already felt about your own!

Final piece of advice...

Above all else, this experience should be fun, easy, and memorable! We are here to help and support you every step of the way, as well as remind you of just how simple and carefree this process can be. We can't wait to meet all of you confident, beautiful brides and watch you fall in love with the dresses of your dreams!

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