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Wedding Trends 2023

Wondering what to expect in the New Year as a bride to be? Check out these top 5 hot wedding dress trends that are sure to be the center of attention in 2023!

Trend #1: Modest Necklines

Although plunging v-necks will always be a bride favorite, we are seeing a huge rise in modesty that is taking the industry by storm. Scoop necks, square necks, shallow v-necks and classic sweetheart necklines will be taking center stage for the new year. If you are a bride who likes a bit more modesty, 2023 may just be the perfect time to find your dream dress!

Trend #2: Detachable Sleeves

It's true that sleeves have been on the uprise for several years now, but detachable sleeves are specifically having a moment in the new year. This subtle new tweak on the traditional sleeve allows for more versatility and a variety of looks for the bride who wants the very best of both worlds. This trend can be even more exciting for brides who have weddings that fall between seasons!

Trend #3: 3D Flowers

If you are a bride who loves florals, try taking traditional lace to the next level by jumping on this fun and growing trend. We have previously seen the pop of 3D florals on boho-style gowns of years past, but this type of detail is no longer just for the 'boho bride'. There are 3D flowers, leaves, and petals that are now showing up on everything from boho - to modern - to glam. This means that even the ballroom wedding can now be fitting for an extravagant garden-like style!

Trend #4: Modern Clean Lines

Some things never go out of style, and classically clean lines are definitely one of those. Modern, chic looks are making a return in 2023 and they are better than ever. Fun twists you are sure to see are asymmetrical designs, bold necklines, and geometric structures. If you tend to love the classics, prepare to have more options than ever!

Trend #5: Sheer Illusion Accents

Although modest necklines may be on the rise, sheer pops of skin are also becoming increasingly more popular. There are a number of ways we will see this including sheer overskirts, exposed boning bodices, and plunging illusion backs. Whatever the design you choose, sheer detailing can be the perfect way to show some skin in a tasteful and creative way. If you are a bride who wants to sprinkle in some sexy on your wedding day, be sure to keep an eye out for this daring trend!

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