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Who to Bring? (...or Not to Bring)

Planning your first dress shopping experience and don't know who to bring along?

Check out this quick guide for some advice on creating your perfect shopping tribe!

IF you're thinking of bringing a large group...

Large groups can be a super fun time if they're done right! There is no doubt that it's always special when you have your whole crew there to celebrate your 'say yes' moment. Having a full bridal party with you can enhance your experience, but make sure when you consider bringing a large group that you bring your most supportive and open-minded friends & family. There is nothing worse than watching a bride have too much harsh judgment, or have to sacrifice her own taste to satisfy the taste of everyone else around her! Our best advice is to be open with your party about your taste before you come, and lay down some ground rules regarding how you want the appointment to go in order for it to run smoothly. Remember that here is a big difference between being honest and being rude! At the end of the day, your crew should be your biggest fans and lift you up in a fun and positive way.

--> Keep in mind that most bridal salons do have a maximum guest limit, so always check when setting up the appointment to make sure they can accommodate your whole party!

IF you're thinking of bringing only one or two guests...

Sometimes bringing just a mom, dad, maid of honor, sibling, etc., is an effective way to get honest feedback, but not provide too many opinions into the mix. An intimate group can be just as meaningful and fulfilling as a large group, as long as you make sure you bring the people who you know you need there to 'say yes'. Many brides use their appointment as a way to bond between mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom, and any other family/friends who need some more alone time to get to know one another before the wedding. As long as you have the few people you feel closest to with you, you can't go wrong with creating the ideal bridal appointment!

--> Keep in mind that it is definitely possible to say yes at your very first bridal appointment! In saying that, just remember to always book your appointment with your guests availability in mind, to avoid having to book multiple appointments to come back and 'show them' your dress. This saves time for both you AND your bridal consultant, and more importantly, it allows your most important people to be there for that special moment when you try on your perfect dress for the very first time!

IF you're thinking of coming alone...

There are certain scenarios in which some brides would prefer to make their choice all on their own without any other input, and that is totally okay! At the end of the day, the dress you choose has to be one you love, therefore, other opinions aren't absolutely necessary to every bride. The other upside to coming alone, is that you get to have a big reveal at the wedding when everyone sees your dress for the very first time! The only thing to remember when booking alone is that you need to be absolutely sure that you are happy saying yes without anyone else there with you! Although this seems self explanatory, sometimes brides won't realize they need someone there until they really get into the midst of the appointment. Our best advice to our boss-independent brides, is to really try to picture yourselves picking out a dress and having that 'wow' moment, and how that would feel to you with or without a guest present.

--> Keep in mind that you can always ask your consultant to take pictures for you, (if the bridal salon allows), and help you make your decision easy and smooth!


Remember that there is no right or wrong way to go about planning your very first bridal appointment. Everyone has their own preference and idea of what will work best for them. As long as you are happy and communicate the best way that your consultant/everyone else around you can make your trip as enjoyable as possible, you are guaranteed to have a positive shopping experience!

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