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Spotlight: Martina Liana

Why we love this designer & what to expect from her upcoming trunk show!

About the ML Style:

Martina Liana is designed for the bride who values intricate detail and a higher level glam. Known for her extravagant beading and lace work, you will typically find her dresses scattered with 3D florals and multi-layered sparkle. Her styles range from soft and romantic to chic and couture, with a variety of silhouettes, colors, and textures. Brides who are looking to make a major fashion statement will love the variety of styles that ML has to offer.

What sets ML apart?:

Aside from gorgeous designs, Martina is also known for her ability to offer virtually any dress customization. Customizations are extremely helpful to brides who want to make tweaks and changes to a dress they may love, without the hassle of having to go through a third-party seamstress. Typical customizations can include anything from changes in straps, skirts, necklines, train lengths, layers, linings, and many more. The advantage of offering customs is the ability to match the dress to exactly what the bride has envisioned for her perfect day. Keep in mind, customs are always an extra charge, however for most brides, you can't put a price on creating the dress of your dreams!

Dresses we have in store:

Price Point: $2600-$3500

---->**ATTENTION BRIDES**<----

Love this designer? Be sure to book an appointment for our upcoming Martina Liana trunk show February 12th-13th, to get an exclusive look at the brand new collection.

Speaking of... What is a trunk show?

For those brides interested in booking for this trunk show, (or any future trunk shows), there are a few things to expect at your appointment. A trunk show is typically a designers way of presenting their new collection to stores for them to sample to brides for a limited time. This usually means that the store will have a select 10-20 dresses from the designers collection that are available for try-on, anywhere from a few days to a week total. The designer will send a mixture of samples and sizes, as well as colors. Keep in mind that just like with any other reorder dress, these dresses can be reordered in whatever color/size the bride would prefer. Appointments for trunk shows should be booked even further in advance than typical appointments, as they are only for a limited number of days, and tend to fill up fast. Trunk shows can be an exciting way for a bride to get her hands on dresses that otherwise would not be available to the store, so if you love a specific designer, be sure to look into when/where their upcoming trunk shows are being featured!

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