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Looking for a Finishing Touch? Look No Further!

Exciting news for brides looking to complete their big day look!

What is a finishing touch?

Accessories are often a staple to any bride who is looking to really elevate her wedding ensemble. From veils, to headpieces, to jewelry, there are so many ways to highlight and accent the perfect dress. As consultants, we love to help our brides put together a complete vision and kick her entire look up a notch! Although this can be done during the initial appointment when a bride first says "yes to her dress," some brides may find the process too overwhelming to add too much onto the dress itself at one time. This is where a finishing touches appointment comes into play!

What does Ever After offer that is different?

Since a recent remodel, Ever After is now offering private full accessory appointments that are ideal for any bride who wants to celebrate the dressing up of her dream dress! We have dedicated the entire first floor of the store to all things accessory, in the hopes of showing our brides just how much we value perfecting their visions. During your appointment you can expect a vast array of veil, earring, necklace, bracelet and hair piece options, perfect for pairing with any style. We are so excited to complete this journey with our brides and make them feel beautiful from start to finish!

*Pro tip*: If you have important loved ones who were unable to attend your initial bridal appointment, a finishing touches appointment can be a wonderful way to bring everyone together for a celebration and include them in your special day!

[Check out the pics below to sneak preview our new finishing touches space!]

...Be sure to visit our website or call to book your finishing touches appointment today!

We can't wait to dress you up!

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