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How to 'dress up' your dress!

Looking for a way to tweak your wedding dress to fit your personal style?

Check out just a few tips for add-on ideas to make your dress uniquely you.

Add-on Option 1: Sleeves/Straps

If you're a bride who wants to modify a dress to make it uniquely her own, a great way to do this is to add sleeves or straps to a dress. Off the shoulder straps typically compliment any strapless dress, and can be permanently attached, or made to be detachable for a more convertible look. Illusion sleeves can be added by a seamstress to almost any dress, and decorated with applique of your choice. If you want your dress to really blend seamlessly, talk to your consultant about your ability to order specific applique that matches that particular dress!

Add-on Option 2: Extra Applique

A popular way to add some dazzle to your dress is to apply some extra lace to up your detail game. Typically designers offer the option to purchase applique from whichever specific dress you choose, and seamstresses are then able to attach the applique to various parts of the dress that you want to detail a bit more. Additionally, you can also use applique to dress up your veil/sleeves/etc., to give yourself a uniform look that blends seamlessly with your dress.

Add-on Option 3: Crinoline

Adding crinoline is a fun way to add some ball gown-level drama to the skirt of a gown that began as a simple a-line. Just the opposite is possible as well, and some brides find it helpful to remove crinoline from a traditional ball gown in order to reduce some of the volume and weight of a dress that they prefer to look more like an a-line.

Add-on Option 4: Lining

Adding lining to a dress can not only create an entirely different look aesthetically, but it can also add a bit of modesty for any bride who wants a bit more coverage in the bodice area. Make sure to ask your consultant whether or not the designer offers an option to order it lined, or if the lining will need to be added by a seamstress after the dress is in.

Add-on Option 5: Corset to Zipper/Zipper to Corset

Sometimes a simple change of the back can give the illusion of a whole new dress! A popular way to achieve this is switching out your basic zipper-backed dress to a corset closure. A seamstress is able to make this switch which be a game changer for anyone who wants a different look, with the benefit of having a more adjustable fit. Conversely, if you prefer a zipper back with no corset ribbons, you can have your corset back converted into a simple zipper back.

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