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Designer Spotlight: Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander, JA Signature, Lillian West, Adore & Sincerity... What's the difference?

Check out this quick designer spotlight to learn about the big differences between each of

Justin Alexander's lines!

Justin Alexander

Known for: Classic, refined & timeless looks with an emphasis on current trends.

Typical Price Point: 1,300-2,200

Justin Alexander Signature

Known for: Fashion forward, high-end runway looks that put emphasis on chic, modern trends.

Typical Price Point: 1,600-3,000


Known for: Fairytale & princess inspired dresses with an emphasis on soft romance.

Typical Price Point: 1,200-1,600


Known for: Lightweight, simple & elegant dresses with an emphasis on bride affordability.

Typical Price Point: 950-1,300

Lillian West

Known for: Whimsical, romantic dresses with an emphasis on boho-inspired looks.

Typical Price Point: 1,200-2,000

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