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Designer Spotlight: Essense Designs

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Stella York, Essense of Australia, All Who Wander, & Martina Liana... What's the difference?

Check out this quick designer spotlight to learn about the big differences between each of

the Essense Design lines!

Stella York

Known for: Classic & romantic looks with a fun and glamorous twist.

Typical Price Point: 1,100-1,700

Essense of Australia

Known for: Fresh new fabrics/textures, modern silhouettes & intricate lace detail.

Typical Price Point: 1,400-2,200

All Who Wander

Known for: Bohemian, whimsical & adventurous looks.

Typical Price Point: 1,700-2,800

Martina Liana

Known for: Bold, stunning and couture looks, with an emphasis on extravagant beading/detail.

Typical Price Point: 1,900-3,200

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