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A Helpful Guide for the Last Minute Bride

So your wedding is right around the corner and you haven't found your dress yet? Don't worry! There are plenty of options available to ensure that you find the dress of your dreams in no time.

Listen, we get it. There are a lot of factors in planning a wedding that can make dress shopping take a back seat. Maybe you originally planned for a larger wedding and decided to elope instead, maybe the venue you always hoped for is only available on short notice, or maybe you just decided you can't wait to marry the man of your dreams! Whatever the case may be, having a close wedding date should not be cause for alarm. We want you to know that you don't have to compromise your vision for the perfect dress just because you have a limited time to work with. Here are a few different options on how to make the most of the the time you have, and still end up with the gown you've always wanted!

Option #1: Off The Rack

There are so many reasons why buying a dress off the rack is a great idea for brides in a tight time frame. As far as alleviating any type of last-minute stress, purchasing a dress that you can take home the same day you try it on is always a plus! This will allow you more time to work with a seamstress for any specific alterations, as well as more time to accessorize and style the dress. At Ever After, our "off the rack section" extends beyond just the sale dresses, as we can typically sell just about any dress on the floor right off the rack. Although it may be helpful to check out the sale section first for a great deal, it provides some comfort knowing that brides won't be limited to just a small section if they need a dress that same day.

(For more tips on shopping off the rack, check out our other blog post!)


Option #2: Rush Shipping

For brides who may not have the full 6-9 months until their wedding, but at least have 4, rush shipping might be a perfect solution. Many designers offer the option to pay a fee to have their dress 'rushed' to the store in 2-4 months, as opposed to their normal shipping time frame. This is a pretty straight forward option that most brides will be familiar with, as everyone usually has some experience with paying a rush shipping fee in everyday life. Just be sure to work with your consultant to verify which designers offer this option, and what the prices will be, as they usually vary by dress.

Option #3: Shopping "In Stock"

For brides who are having a tough time finding a dress in store that fits their personal style/size, and have less than 4 months to work with until their wedding, there is in fact another awesome potential option that can still get you the dress you love in the time frame that you need it for. When we refer to dresses being 'in stock', what we are referring to is a selection of dresses in different sizes/colors that are available much sooner than your average reordered bridal gown. Each designer typically will keep a few different sizes and colors of each gown that are already created are waiting to be shipped out at their warehouses. What this means for brides, is that a dress that is normally available for order in 6-7 months, could potentially be able to be pulled from stock in their size and arrive within a few weeks to a few months.

--> Helpful tip: When you are looking at potentially shopping for dresses that may be in stock, be sure to have your consultant look up each style prior to trying them on, just incase there is nothing available in that particular style/size/color. (This will prevent you from falling in love with a dress and then finding out it isn't able to come in on time!)

Final words of wisdom...

There are always plenty of ways your consultant can help you find the dress of your dreams in plenty of time for your big day. Remember we are here to help you and as long as you are transparent with us about what you are looking for and what works for you time/budget wise, we are happy to help in any way possible. Remember to stay calm & be confident that you will have the bridal vision you've always wanted!

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