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Could this new trend be your wedding "superhero"?

Capes: the stylish new bridal accessory of 2020

Do you want the drama of a veil but without the in-hair hassle?

This new accessory could 'save the day' when it comes to your perfect wedding look


Veil Vs. Cape: What's the difference?

There's no denying that the drama of a long veil can be a show stopping addition to any bride's dream dress... but what if you don't want something fixed into your wedding day updo? One concern we get from brides all the time is whether or not a veil is going to cover up their hair in pictures, or maybe even worse, potentially wreck it on their wedding day! Although most veils are designed to be mobile in coming in and out of your hair with minimal disruption, a modern new option is simply adding a cape!

A cape, (as pictured above), drapes gracefully down from the neck or shoulders, instead of draping from the hair. Typically it attaches as a collar around the neck, or can clip directly onto the shoulders of the dress, depending on the style. A huge advantage of a cape, (aside from it making you a total boss-bride), is the easy 'on-off' wearability that it provides.

Listen, don't get us wrong, we LOVE a good veil... but why not try something different and exciting to fit your personality and unique vision?

If you're a bride who wants to show off her 'do' while saying "I do"...

this accessory might just come to your wedding rescue, and do it in style!

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