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"In Sickness & In Health"

How Covid has 'altered' the face of the wedding industry

It's no secret that the Covid pandemic has changed the way we function in society as a whole, and has created a new standard set of 'norms' that govern the way we interact with one another. So how have we seen this play out in the world of weddings? Here is a look at some of the ways we have seen both the bride, and the wedding industry as a whole, take on this challenging time in history... for better or for worse.

1. The Ceremony-Reception Dynamic has Changed

Traditionally and historically, we have most often seen weddings and receptions occur on the same day, as part of the same event. However, due to the limited number of guests being able to attend events at this time, this is very hard to safely organize. In order to keep their previously chosen wedding date AND their larger reception guest list, most brides are choosing to do a very small ceremony of close loved ones during the time of the pandemic, and then postpone their official reception celebration until sometime in the future after the restrictions are lifted. This has allowed couples to still celebrate and honor their commitment to one another, while taking the pressure off of shifting around or cutting down a guest list for reception purposes. As a bonus, this can give couples a fun celebration to look forward to, after spending quality intimate time together as newlyweds!

2. Some Brides 'Say Yes to the Dress' ...Twice

Largely due to both the time separation and guest list separation between ceremony and reception, many brides are choosing to purchase two different wedding dresses to fit each venue/day. A lot of brides will opt for a more casual, subdued dress for their small ceremony, and reserve their more 'glam' look for their reception celebration. This can not only provide for a wide arrange of wedding photos to look back on, but also can be a fun way for a bride to be able to choose two dream dresses instead of just one! (Pro tip: If you are choosing to wear your one and only dream dress twice, reach out to your bridal salon to discuss options for having your dress professionally cleaned in between each event!)

3. Wedding Decor has Taken a Creative Turn

Instead of trying to shy away from this challenging time, many couples are choosing to integrate new safety protocols and distancing guidelines into their wedding decor. Sanitizing stations, decorative masks, and distancing seating arrangements have all become the standard for a successful and safe wedding. Creative signs such as, "spread love, not germs," have made their way into cute decor that can both celebrate the couple's special day, while ensuring that the proper safety measures are being taken to keep the health of everyone attending in mind.

4. Stronger Bonds are Being Built

With all of the tragedy and complication that this time has brought upon couples and families, there has also been an unprecedented level of strength in every capacity ranging from couples to the wedding industry as a whole. We have seen so much support being demonstrated from start to finish of the entire wedding process, that it just goes to show how beautiful the bond of two people can be. This time, although extremely challenging, has proven that love truly does conquer all, and reminds us of what the true meaning of a lifelong commitment to one another really means.

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